Troodos, Cyprus

The Troodos mountain complex (general Troodos), is the highest mountain in Cyprus. The peaks reach an altitude of 1951 meters. Troodos called and the area near the top Chionistra. There they encountered the three roads connecting mountain and Nicosia, Limassol and Prodromos village, from where comes the name (three routes – Troodos). In another aspect perhaps stemmed from the possible initial name “The-sero-Ados” Adonis: ancient Cypriot dialect Ados.
The Troodos massif occupies the central and southwestern part of the island, a ridge that extends from west-northwest to east-southeast. The area covers 2/3 of the island, while the dominant morphological and geological feature of Cyprus. The Troodos Mountains is home to large forest areas and rich flora with a significant number of endemic plants.
Also plays an important role in the water economy of the island. From this derive the main rivers, and contributes significantly to the enrichment of aquifers. Due to the natural environment, climate and cultural heritage, Troodos is a major tourists attraction and leisure place.



Author: Giorgos Chr